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Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners 

An Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Could Ruin Some Gem Stone Jewelry 

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An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner cleans jewelry by 'shaking' off the grime and dust that could cling to the metal or the gem stone. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners use high frequency ultrasonic waves that work to loosen the external material that could stick to a jewel. If you took a casual glance at one of these ultrasonic cleaners, they appear quite harmless. However using them with insufficient knowledge of the instrument and your gemstone jewelry could do more damage than good for your jewelry cleaning adventure. In this report we discuss the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner without worrying about making the manfufacturer unhappy!

ultrasonic jewelry cleaners danger and using suggestions
An ultrasonic jewelry cleaner might appear same and harmless but, lack of sufficient knowledge regarding it's usage could damage expensive jewelry.

Not many jewelers would tell you that an ultrasonic cleaner would be dangerous for specific gems and jewelry. Similarly you do not expect the ultrasonic jewelry manufacturer to disclose all facts, the fear of losing business makes them a bit selfish. Let us first try to understand how an ultrasonic gem or jewelry cleaner really works.

The ultrasonic jewelry cleaner comes with instructions and suggests the amount of water that should be put into the cleaner. Once you turn on the switch of your ultrasonic cleaner, the device generates ultrasonic waves. The high frequency waves generated by the jewelry cleaner, starts to loosen any dust or grime that has stuck the gem or the jewel. This is how the ultrasonic cleaner cleans your jewelry, it is a simple operation but needs to be well understood.

There are two ways in which the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner could damage gems or jewelry. When it comes to gemstone jewelry, it is possible that the ultrasonic waves cause the gems to loosen from their mounting. You could therefore have cases where the gem stones drop off the jewelry when being cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. The sitiuation can get a bit more dangerous if the gem stone jewelry being cleaned, in the jewelry cleaner already has a problem of loosely mounted gemstones. It is quite common for small diamonds and other accent stones in a jewel, to come off their mounting when the jewel is cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. This could lead to expensive repairs and replacements, something that no jewelry owner is prepared for.

Our recommendation is to leave ultrasonic jewelry cleaning to a professional jeweler. The jeweler should have sufficient knowledge regarding the properties of specific gemstones. He should also check the jewelry before placing it into the ultrasonic cleaner. The objective is to identify loose gems or diamonds that might come off during the jewelry cleaning operation. If the jewel is found to have a problem of loose stones, it is highly advisable to get them firmly set before proceeding with the ultrasonic cleaning process. The same check should be done after the jewelry cleaning operation is complete. It is possible that a few gems or diamonds would have dropped off the jewel. Most ultrasonic jewelry cleaners have a container underneath that holds the stones that might come off. The jeweler should then find the stones that dropped off and set them firmly back into the jewel.

When it comes to the suitability of specific gems for ultrasonic cleaning, most people believe that the more expensive a gemstone the more tough and durable it is. Unfortunately this is not the case, an excellent example is emerald. This gemstone should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine. If you have heard of the Mohs scale to measure gemstone hardness, emeralds get an impressive score of 7.5 to 8 out of a 10. There are however some typical properties of emeralds that weaken their toughness. This makes it dangerous to clean emerald gems or emerald gemstone jewelry in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Emeralds have numerous fissures or cracks, this is a natural occurence and you can almost never find a natural emerald that has absolutely no fissures. Some of these cracks are so pronounced that they reach the surface of the gemstone or almost reach the surface. It is well known and widely accepted that emeralds are always treated with natural oils to enhance their beauty. The oils seep into the cracks and soften their appearance, this adds clarity and lustre to the gemstone. The fissures and the oil treatment make the gemstone unsuitable for ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. The ultrasonic waves generated by the cleaner could cause the natural oils to ooze out of the gemstone. This will not only ruin the gem but will also make it appear quite drab and shabby. The fissures make it more likely for the gem to crack into pieces when exposed to the waves generated by the ultrasonic cleaner.

Emerald is not the only gemstone that could have a problem when placed in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. There are other gems too, stones like tanzanite that might have minor cracks can also get further damaged when cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners. It is not expected that every casual gem and jewelry buyer would be aware of detail technical issues related to various gemstones. It is therefore important to find a professional jeweler that is aware of such issues.

There is another jewelry cleaning device that is infact a low frequency vibrator, this device does not emit ultrasonic waves. Technically this device is a lot less dangerous than an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner but, a small word of caution. There is no standardization in the design, construction and manufacture of such low fequence vibrators. It therefore makes it risky to presume that the specific device that you come across is safe.

Before we wind up this report on ultrasonic jewelry cleaners and the dangers that could be posed by them, we would like to address the issue of giving or receiving ultrasonic jewelry cleaners as gifts. We strongly suggest that ultrasonic cleaners not be sold to the general public as 'do it yourself' devices. A 200 U.S$ ultrasonic cleaner could damage a 3,000 U.S$ emerald bracelet. This is not an exaggeration but a fact, that every jewelry and gem lover should be aware of. We would also recommend that you do not gift or receive an ultrasonic cleaner as a gift if, you do not have an indepth knowledge about gemstones and jewelry.

The above report on the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and it's effects on jewelry and gems has been compiled by the experts at Kaisilver. We have always tried to educate the buyer rather than to make a sale. While this brings us lesser orders, it gives us immense satisfaction in ensuring that the buyer makes well informed buying decisions. Do write to our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or doubts related to gems and jewelry. There is no need to make any purchase from us, so do go ahead and get the benefit of our expertise.  


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