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Swiss Blue Topaz Gem Stones 

Bright Blue Topaz Gems, Swiss Blue Topaz 

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Blue topaz is available in a range of blue color tones and swiss blue topaz gems are one of those color tones. It is not tough to distinguish swiss blue topaz gemstones from the other two blues, sky blue and london blue topaz. Sky blue is a very pale blue and london blue is a dark deep blue.  When it comes to choice by blue shade, swiss blue topaz gems are the most popular among ladies and men. Though large sizes of these blue topaz stones are not as easy to find as compared to a decade ago, you can still expect to find eye clean swiss blue topaz gems in the 20 to 30 carat size range. These sizes can ofcourse make some stunning blue topaz pendants in yellow or white gold.

Like all blue topaz, swiss blue topaz gems are specially treated to get that classic blue color. However you need to be aware of one important thing. The normal treatment for blue topaz that has been practiced for many decades, gives the gemstone a color that is present all through the gemstone. So if you had to cut the stone into half the color can be seen on the inside of the gem stone too. Such swiss blue topaz gems can be recut or repolished without fear of losing color. In recent years, a different treatment for producing blue topaz has been revealed. This treatment brings the blue color only on the surface of the gemstone. The inside portion of the gemstone remains white. If you had to repolish or recut these surface treated swiss blue topaz gemstones, you will lose the blue color of the stone. This is because the color is present only on the surface and not throughout the gem stone. This new process of color treating topaz can be done very fast but has disadvantages for the buyer.

Gem buyers often enquiry about the color durability of swiss blue topaz. If you had to talk about the normal process for color treating topaz, the color is permanent and the gemstone will not fade. The color is also present throughout the gemstone and not just on the surface. On the other hand the new process gives only a superficial color treatment. The color will therefore be removed if the stone is recut or repolished. You should ensure that you purchase your swiss blue topaz gems from a reputed gem producer. That is the only way to ensure that you  get good value for your money.

If you wanted to combine swiss blue topaz with other gems in a single jewel, there are some gems that you can consider. Pink tourmaline or even pink sapphire are interesting suggestions. For a diamond like look you could choose white topaz, white zircon, white sapphires or even genuine diamonds depending on your budget. We have seen jewels that combine amethyst and swiss blue topaz, check out the final look before you make a decision with this gemstone combination.

As mentioned above, swiss blue topaz is one of the blue shades in which blue topaz can be found. Pale blue topaz gems also called sky blue topaz are another blue shade, these could resemble the much more expensive aquamarine. The very deep blue color of topaz is called london blue topaz and is also the most expensive of the three shades of blue. Topaz is sturdy enough to be used in all types of jewels, the blue color variations ensure that there is always a blue topaz that interests everyone. You do not have to get extra fussy when wearing or cleaning your blue topaz ring, just treat it good and it will give you decades of wearing pleasure.

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