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Diffused Star Sapphires  

What Are Diffused Star Sapphires  

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Before we get into the discussion about the meaning of diffused star sapphires, let us first make sure that the meaning of star sapphires is understood. Sapphires are one type of precious gems and belong to the corundum group of minerals. Rubies and sapphires come from the same mineral group.When you look at a sapphire from the top, light passes through the gemstone from the top and exits the stone from the bottom. This is because that sapphire is transparent. This light passage is in some cases obstructed by certain inclusions in the sapphire, the light in such cases is reflected back from the stone to the eye. The inclusions in sapphires sometimes take an interesting form and appear like a bunch of needles in the stone. When light passes through such sapphires, it hits these bunch of inclusions and does something that is quite amazing. A star is created on top of the sapphire, this then gives the name star sapphire to the gem. The preferred star sapphire gemstones are those that have a sharp and clear star display.

The point is that, there are not many star sapphires mined that actually give a sharp and clear star display. This rarity factor places good star sapphire gemstones in the premium price category. However since the availability of good star sapphires decreases at a rapid rate, the final piece that you get rarely has a good sharp star. In most cases, the so called star is little more than a blob of light. So if you need a good looking star sapphire or are shopping with a limited budget, diffused star sapphires offer an excellent option. In the next few paragraphs we will explain in easy and simple terms, the meaning of a diffused star sapphire. Once you have understood this, it will be clear why the demand for diffused star sapphire stones has been making a steady climb in recent years.

So what are diffused star sapphire gemstones? We mentioned above that very few star sapphires of medium to good quality are mined today. On the other hand, as jewelry lovers come to view and understand star sapphire gems, the fan following of star sapphires is growing rapidly. Gemstone experts have devised a way where ordinary looking sapphires can be given a brilliant star effect. The starting point for this operation is a natural sapphire, in most cases an ordinary grade gem. The next process creates the star effect on this sapphire, something more amazing follows. Most gem experts will tell you that a star sapphire would be rated based on the clarity of the star and the movement of the star on the gem. The star is expected to move as the light source shinning on it moves. The diffused star sapphire does exactly this, it flashes a clear and sharp star that moves along the light source.

The star effect on the diffused star sapphire is created on the surface of the gem, it does penetrate the sapphire only very maginally. You could therefore not recut or repolish your diffused star sapphire gem stone. This should not be a problem in most cases since, sapphires are hard gem and do not scratch or chip easily. This issue does not seem to be very important once you compare the price of a diffused star sapphire stone and a natural star sapphire gem. The diffused gem is several dozen times cheaper as compared to the sapphire that get's it's star effect naturally. Add to this the fact that, diffused star sapphires are basically natural sapphires and you will realize why they make a good buy.

Star sapphires that have a natural star effect are expensive if you choose a stone with a clear star. For this reason, star sapphires are normally associated with expensive gold sapphire rings. The diffusion process for star sapphire gems has brought the amazing star effect within the reach of millions of buyers. Both gold and silver star sapphire rings can now be had with diffused star sapphire gems. The stone has moved from being the privilege of a few wealthy gem buyers to a stone that can be proudly worn by most gem lovers.


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