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Sky Blue Topaz Gems 

This Is A Pale Blue Color Shade For Blue Topaz Gemstones 

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Sky blue topaz gems are the very light blue color shade for topaz gems. These gems are sometimes referred to as pale blue topaz or light blue topaz too. There is an interesting thing about sky blue topaz gemstones, these gems are quite often mistaken for aquamarine. It is important to understand that, the resemblence would be only for the color similarity. Pale blue topaz and all topaz gems do not belong to the beryl group of gemstones. Emerald and aquamarine are a type of beryl and not the same as topaz.

You can use the color resemblence to your advantage with a little thought. If you like the color of aquamarine but are not particular about the gemstone being an aquamarine, then consider this light blue topaz gem stone instead. In any case make sure that, you pay for what you get. Sky blue topaz is much cheaper than aquamarine, so make sure that your jeweler charges you a fair price. Another important thing to note is that, while you might need to accept some minor inclusions in aquamarine, sky blue topaz gemstones can be had in eye clean quality even for sizes that are as large as 10 to 15 carats.

When you look at a pale blue topaz gem stone, the amount of blue color that you see would depend on the size of the gemstone. As is the case with all gemstones with a very light color, you will need to have a gem with a size of at least 2 to 3 carats for clear visibility of color. This is because very small gems would not have enough 'body' to hold the color. Most inexperienced gem or jewelry buyers are never informed of this and end up being dejected with the color of small sky blue topaz gemstones that they receive.  

When it comes to jewelry where you need to combine sky blue topaz gemstones with other stones, there are certain gemstone colors that go very well with this light blue topaz. We would therefore like to make a few suggestions here. If you want a topaz jewel you can consider combining sky blue topaz gems with the darker shades of blue topaz like swiss blue topaz or even london blue topaz. A good color contrast can be created by combining pink gems like morganite or pink tourmaline with a sky blue topaz gem in the center. The purplish-violet color of amethyst would also look good when set along with pale blue topaz. If your budget does not restrict your selection, consider smaller blue sapphire gems to be set along with sky blue topaz.

Sky blue topaz is just one blue shade of topaz, a brighter shade of blue topaz called swiss blue topaz is the most popular color for blue topaz gems. You would also come across a very deep blue color shade of topaz, this is called london blue topaz and is more expensive as compared to both pale blue topaz and swiss blue topaz. When buying any color shade of blue topaz you should make sure that the color is right through the gemstone and not just on the surface. In recent years a new process has been developed to create blue topaz. This process puts the color only on the surface of the stone (original gem is white topaz). When this happens any scratching, repolishing or recutting will take off the top layer of the gem, you can then see the white portion of the gem through the surface!


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