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Rubelite Gemstones, Rubelite A Tourmaline 

Rubelite Is Not Related To Ruby, It Is A Type Of Tourmaline 

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This gemstone has a reddish pink color and is given the name rubelite because of it's color similarity with ruby. Rubelite gem stones have often been confused with rubies, this because of the color. Technically, the similarity these two gems starts and ends with a color that can be very similar. Rubelite and ruby are different gems and do not even belong to the same group of minerals. If you need to find a gem stone that is similar to rubelite, you will need to turn to tourmaline . This is a gem that is found in many colors and all tourmalines have good hardness and durability, except black tourmaline. One of the colors in which rubelite is found is pink, this is commonly known as pink tourmaline. The color shade of this stone can range from very pale pink to a saturated reddish pink color.

Some pink tourmaline can have a very dark color, the color saturation is due to the presence of reddish color hues in the gem stone. The color of such tourmaline gems comes close to the color of the more expensive ruby stone. Gemologists therefore coined the name rubelite for such tourmaline gemstones. This is the reason why you often come across the gem name 'rubelite tourmaline'. While gem experts understand the that rubelite is not ruby, many gem lovers do not. Each year, hundreds of buyers buy or get rubelite instead of rubies. Some of these purchases are a mistake made by the buyer. A substantial portion of these purchases are made because the gem provider never cared to educate the buyer. If you paid for a ruby and got a rubelite gem stone instead, it would be quite sad because rubies are far more expensive as compared to rubelite gems.

An interesting historical reference exists for red gems like rubies, rubelite and red spinel. Many jewels long thought to contain high grade rubies, were checked by gemological experts. Quite a few of these 'rubies' turned out to be rubelite or spinel! Those were times when gemological sciences were unknown and such errors can therefore be understood. But in todays world, it is better to be sure and ensure that your gems are procured from reliable sources.

We would also like to talk about the suitability of rubelite gems for men. It is almost taken for granted that pinks and even reds are not masculine enough. If you heard that rubelite is a pink tourmaline with a deep color shade, you might want to write off this gem for men's jewelry but, this should not be the case. Rubelite gems can be found in fairly large sizes of around 3 to 4 carats. Some of these have a very dark color with hues of brown, they are not a loud red color. If you are interested in rubelite for a men's ring, then this is the color shade or the gem stone that you should look for. Pink tourmaline is not common for mens jewelry and many men who have seen the right color shade of rubelite have liked the gemstone.

It helps to know certain technical specifications of a gemstone, we discuss these with reference to rubelite. The gem has a hardness of around 7.5 this is impressive and makes the gem suitable for all types of jewelry. You will be glad to know that this gem does not fade color. You could get a medium color or very deep color rubelite gemstone, rest assured that it will retain that color for all time to come. Cleaning a rubelite gem by soaking in water or with a mild domestic soap will not damage the stone. Just remember that though pink tourmaline can still be found in eye clean quality, most rubelite gems will show visible inclusions in the gem. However the deep color of rubelite gemstones softens the visibility of such inclusions, so there is no need to be unduly worried about them.

We will now provide some general suggestions that will help you get better and longer satisfaction from your rubelite gemstone jewelry. You can generalize these suggestions and use them for all gemstone jewelry so make sure that you read and understand these suggestions. Make sure that your rubelite ring or other jewel does not hit against hard objects, this could scratch or chip the gemstone. It is best to avoid using ultrasonic cleaners for jewelry as many gems are fussy about this. Strong detergents and chemical solvents should not be handled when wearing gemstone jewelry. The design structure of your rubelite jewel will influence the longterm durability of the jewel, once again sourcing the right gem and jewelry provider will be vital. If you intend combing rubelite with other gems some good options would be blue topaz, white opal, iolite, aquamarine or even a lighter color shade of pink tourmaline.  


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