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Red Gemstone With Dark Dots

Dark Red Gem With Dark Spots

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There is a search being made on our website very often, this relates to a red gem stone with dark dots. It is not very clear what the person(s) searching have in mind. The term used sometimes is dark red gem with dark spots, there is no clear indication of the nature of the red gem. We would like to help provide as much information as we can regarding gemstones and are therefore, keen on getting more information on this query.

The important thing is where such a stone was come across, was the dark red stone with dark spots seen in a photograph? Did someone actually see such a red stone with dark dots? Also is there some special meaning or tradition attached to such a dark red gemstone? Since we have a whole team of gem experts, with knowledge of gems across the globe, most from the gem mining areas and others very skilled incutting gem stones we would like to compile a complete report on this often asked query.

If you have reached this web page on making a search for a dark red gem with red dots or a red gem stone with black spots or, something similar to that, can you please email us a few more bits of information that you might have. We can then piece the queries together and come to a conclusion based on scientifically tested and proved gemological information. Details can be sent to us at

(a) Did you see an image of such a red gem with dark spots? Do you have access to that image, if yes then can we have the image emailed to us.

(b) Is this red spotted stone, transparent, opaque or slightly transparent (transluscent). If you do send us an image that is fairly clear we will most probably not need the information in (b).

(c) Was this stone shown as part of a movie or some entertainment program? Did they use the red gem stone with dark dots as an important part of the set up?

(d) When you mention dark dots or black dots in a red gemstone, are these spots present as fine specks (almost like dust in the stone) or are they in the form of patches. Do they appear as black color or are they visible as some other dark color.

(e) Have you seen the gem as a rough rock or as a cut smooth or faceted dark red gem with black spots?  

(f) Do you have any assesment of the dimensions of this red stone with black dots?

(g) Any other information that you might have, nothing is unimportant and every piece of information will help us compile our report.

Equipped with this information, we will have our gem experts point to the specific stone that is being referred to. If possible we will provide a clear photograph (if it really exists on this planet) of the highly searched dark red gemstone with black dots. The information will be available to everyone and no purchase or membership will be required to access our report. The report once compiled will be available from this very page, you might want to keep this link for your future reference.

If you wish to be informed of any updated information regarding this dark red gem with black spots, send us an email at  In the first line of the email mention "Keep me posted". If you have sent us such an email and do not wish to receive further updates on the red stone with black spots, send us another email with the first line that says "Do Not Keep me posted". We thank you in advance for your cooperation and re-affirm our determination to unravel the mystery of the Dark Red Gem With Dark Dots!


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