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Purple Amethyst Gems 

The Shades Of Purple In Which Amethyst Can Be Found 

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Violet purple amethyst are the most popular color shade for this gemstone. It is normally taken for granted that a person is referring to purple amethyst when talking about amethyst. In recent years another quartz related gem with a very pale green color entered the gemstone market. This gemstone came to be called green amethyst and gem lovers started getting confused regarding the true color of amethyst. The confusion has started to clear after this pale green quartz was given a name of it's own, it is now called prasiolite.

Talking about purple amethyst gems, there are three shades of violet purple that this gemstone can be grouped into. The first is a very pale purple, amethysts with this color can almost appear colorless unless placed against a very white surface. In general such amethyst gems are not suitable for producing jewelry but, do get used because they happen to be the cheapest variety of amethyst available. When it comes to jewelry with quality, medium purple amethyst gems are the most popular option. This is a gemstone that allows light to pass through easily, this makes the facets and light reflections show up very clearly. It is also the amethyst color that is suitable for ladies and men and shows up clearly in yellow or white gold. The last color shade for purple amethyst is a very deep color , this color can sometimes be so dark that it appears almost black. When choosing a purple amethyst gem in the deep color range make sure that you get what you want. Some amethysts with this color will at least show up the facets of the stone when hit by normal light. Other deep purple amethyst gem stones can be so dark that almost no light is reflected back to the eye, you might infact see the stone as a black gem.

The gemstone world is known to name gems after the location in which they were mined. When it comes to purple amethyst the names African Amethyst and Brazilian Amethyst are commonly heard. The name Brazilian amethyst is used for pale and light purple colors of amethyst. Medium to darker shades of amethyst gems are called African amethyst. In this case the name need not always refer to the location of the amethyst mine, it just implies the shade of purple that the amethyst has.

The above information will provide you with important aspects of the purple amethyst. You can also decide which purple shade of amethyst is suitable for your yelllow or white gold amethyst jewel. Since very few jewelry and gemstone buyers have detailed knowledge on various issues related to jewelry, it is best to choose the right jeweler for your requirement.


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