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Kunzite Gems, Color Fade 

What You Should Know About The Color Of Kunzite Gemstones 

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Kunzite is a gem with a pink color, the color saturation in this gem can be very light or a much deeper pink with a violet/purple color shade. Of the Kunzite that is mined, most stones show a very pale color. Specialized processes have been developed to increase the color element in the Kunzite, technically this is referred to as color enhancement. There is nothing wrong with these enhancement treatments as many gems are put through special treatments to increase their color, clarity or even their durability.  

But there is something very interesting about the color of Kunzite gems. When exposed to light the gemstone fades in color over a period of time. There is a slight misundertanding regarding the color fade of Kunzite gem stones too. When asked whether all Kunzite gems fade, many people are given to believe that Kunzite gems with natural color (no enhancement done) will not fade. This is a wrong statement since this gem will fade irrespective of the color being natural or treated for enhancement. Technically it would mean that you could hide your Kunzite jewel in a dark place to keep the gem looking gorgeous but, most of us buy jewelry to wear it and feel good.

So now that we are clear about Kunzite fading color, we need to clear one more doubt on this issue. A gemological expert might tell you that reheating or repeating a radiation treatment on a faded kunzite, can restore it's original color. While this has been scientifically tested, it is not something that a jewelry owner can do at home! Specialized equipment and sophisticated processes are deployed to treat gems, these facilities are beyond the reach of a normal jewelry or gem owner. You can therefore safely presume that fading of Kunzite color is a one way process. As a consumer, you will not be able to bring back the original color on your faded Kunzite gem stone.

After learning about the fading color issue with Kunzite you might have second thoughts about buying a Kunzite gemstone or jewel. This will make some unlucky jeweler lose a sale but, the non disclosure of this information would have been unfair to you. The point is that if you are a great fan of Kunzite, you will get this gem irrespective of the color fading problem. But if all you wanted was a pink gem and did not care too much about it being a Kunzite, open your mind to other options. Pink tourmaline, morganite and ofcourse pink sapphire gems could be some of your options. Just keep in mind that the source from where you buy your gem or jewel is as important as the merchandise itself.


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