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Iolite Gemstones

Iolite Gems, Information And Details About Iolite Gemstones 

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Iolite is a violet color gem stone, most of the good quality iolite gemstones used in jewelry are mined in India, the location of the mine is in the Orissa area of the country. This gemstone has an amazing property , it shows different color when viewed from different angles. The same iolite gemstone can show a deep saturated violet color when viewed from the top and appear almost pale and colorless when viewed from the side. Many gemstone enthusiasts mistake this property for a flaw in the gemstone but, the truth is that it is one of the reasons for which iolite is valued.

Studying the color of iolite gems throws up some very interesting facts. The above paragraph explains how an iolite stone can appear dark violet from one angle and almost colorless from another. There are more interesting issues related to the color of this violet gemstone. You can find iolite gems with a very pale violet color shade, this color is so pale that you might only notice it against a very white background. We will not discuss much about this color of iolite but will instead, move to the next color shade which is the medium violet color. This color can be very similar to tanzanite and this has often confused many gem lovers. A trained gemstone buyer can ofcourse distinguish iolite from tanzanite without much of a problem. Tanzanite is a gem that is much more expensive than iolite, you therefore need to be sure that you get what you pay for. At the same time if you are looking for a jewel that has a natural gem with tanzanite-like color, you might want to give iolite a good look. This would save you a substantial amount of money.

The suitability of iolite as a jewelry gemstone is well established. Iolite has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Considering that the hardest gems (diamonds) on this scale have a hardness of 10, iolite rates very favorably. The color of iolite gems is stable and it will not fade over time. All gems need some amount of care and attention when being worn, stored or cleaned. Some gems have special characteristics that will require additional cautions when being handled or worn, fortunately iolite does not fall in this category. Expert gem cutters know how to orient and cut iolite, the right cut can add color saturation or lighten very dark iolite gems. Fortunately you as a buyer need not worry about these technicalities as long as you choose the right source to purchase your iolite gem stone or jewelry from.

We will now talk about a very unique feature of iolite gemstones. Most of the gems that you come across today have been treated in some way or the other. Standard treatments are accepted in the industry and even experienced gemologists accept these treatments. For example, all rubies and sapphires are heat treated, all emeralds are treated with natural oils and all blue topaz is subjected to controlled radiation. These treatments enhance the clarity, color or lustre of the gems. Gemstone mining has been going on for several decades. The intensity of mining has now increased with the use of mechanized equipments and technics. As this continues, natural gems become rarer and the quality of output also diminishes. Treatments are gradually devised to help improve the appearance of the gems mined. However there are few gems that are not treated in any way, iolite is one such gemstone. If you appreciate the true value of a gem that is natural and untreated, the iolite gem stone is bound to impress you. Iolite rough is carried from the mining pit and washed clean, it is then cut into various shapes and sizes. There is no heating, radiation or oil soaking done on iolite gems.

Going back in history, it is believed that the Vikings sailing on dangerous seas carried iolite gem pieces with them. This gem was supposed to give them a sense of direction, something that is very important to navigate on vast expanses of water. The name iolite is derived from the Greek word 'ios' which means violet. While many jewelers do not offer iolite as a gem stone option, it is a gem that is well suited for ladies and men's jewelry.

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