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Heart Gems For Men 

Are Heart Shaped Gems Suitable For Men, About Heart Gem Stones

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We have heard it before and we hear it even now, that heart gems are suitable for ladies and not men, that mens rings with heart shaped gemstones would not appear handsome and masculine. When it comes to rings for ladies, there really is no shortage of designs, options and demand for jewelry with heart shaped stones. Men gift heart shaped gemstone rings, heart pendants and even heart shaped earrings to someone that they love. The heart shape is linked to love and romance - something that both men and ladies can relate to.

So what if we told you that a particular ring with a heart shaped gem, is suitable and significant for both men and ladies. This is the 375 year old claddagh ring, a jewel that is today worn and respected across the globe. The center portion of a claddagh ring can be a heart shaped gem. We say 'can be' because, you could also make the same claddagh ring with no gemstone. In such case the entire heart would also be made of the metal used to make the ring. It was Kai Silver who researched and proved that a claddagh ring is very suitable for both, men and ladies. The heart gemstone in your gold or 925 silver claddagh ring, can be chosen by you. There are many ways in which the specific selection for a heart stone in your claddagh ring can be made. A good example is a claddagh birth stone ring, the center heart shaped gem would be determined by the month of birth of the person wearing the claddagh ring. You can ofcourse, choose the heart stone in your ring based on your color choice.

We will need to admit that in the 2 decades that we have worked closely with gems and jewelry, we have not come across a heart shaped gemstone ring that is suitable for men (aside from the claddagh ring). To understand why men are actually keen and eager to wear the claddagh mens ring, we need to explain a bit about the meaning of this historic jewel. The story of the claddagh ring began about four centuries ago, a small fishing village in Ireland called Claddagh is at the heart of the story. An Irish slave Robert Joyce is credited with making the world's first claddagh ring - he crafted the jewel for his beloved when he was still a slave.

Robert Joyce was a humble fisherman in the small village of Claddagh. One day he set sail with his friends and co-fisherman. His beloved waited for him to return home but destiny did not let that happen. On that fateful day, the boat in which Robert was sailing was raided by pirates. All the sailors aboard the boat had their belongings robbed, the misery did not end there. The inhabitants included young Robert Joyce were sold as slaves, this was the beginning of a terrible ordeal. A wealthy goldsmith 'bought' Robert and forced him to toil long hours in harsh and depressing conditions. Robert kept learning the trade working for his master but, could not forget his beloved he had left behind in the Claddagh village. It was the dream of being a free man one day and returning to her, that gave him the strength to carry on. He decided to make something for her and came up with the idea of making a ring.

A few years later, Robert's dream came true and he was freed from slavery. As expected he headed straight for his village and was surprised and amazed to see that his beloved was still eagerly waiting for him to return. He gave her the ring that he had made, the couple had a simple celebration for the reunion - they were soon married and lived happily every after. It never did seem that such simple jewel with an extremely humble beginning, would one day rule the hearts of millions across the globe. The ring came to be called the claddagh ring, named after the Claddagh village in which both Robert and his beloved spent the rest of their life.

The features of the claddagh ring along with the harsh conditions in which it was 'designed' and crafted, give tremendous meaning and significance to the jewel. The ring made by Robert Joyce had no gemstone, it depicted to hands warmly holding a heart. On top of the heart was a crown. The ring is often referred to as the heart, hands and crown ring or the hands clasping the heart ring. If you sit back and try to think about the thoughts and mental conditions with which the jewel was made, it is quite easy to understand the meaning that Robert wanted to convey through each of these features. The heart in the ring denotes love, the crown loyalty and the hands friendship or togetherness.

Now let us come back to our discussion on mens rings with heart gem stones. We did explain above that the first claddagh ring made by Robert did not have a gem stone in the center. The entire ring was solid gold with a gold heart as well. Kaisilver the world's leading online custom jewelry provider is today respected to best source for the claddagh ring. Backed by an intensive research into the meaning and tradition of the claddagh heart ring, Kai Silver went on to design and craft the world's finest and best rendition of this tremendously meaningful jewel. You could request for a gold or sterling silver claddagh men's or lady's ring with or without a gemstone but, let us first explain the options and implications of the heart gem stone in this ring.

A mens heart gem stone ring for the claddagh, allows you to enhance the appearance and meaning of the jewel. About enhancing the appearance, the choice of gem would be personalized according to individual preference. However when it comes to gem selection through birthstones, there are birthstone charts that clearly state the gem stone that is identified for each month of birth. It is believed that wearing a birthstone keeps a person safe from bad luck, it also helps attain good health, good wealth and peace of mind. So you could select a birth stone for your claddagh mens heart gemstone ring.


Birth Stone Chart

birth stone chart
If you plan to choose a birthstone for your mens heart shape claddagh ring, the above birth stone chart will help you make your selection.

Birthstones are not the only reason for gem selection, other beliefs and traditions are also attached to many gems. For example, a carnelian gemstone is supposed to make the wearer attain peace of mind and be calm and composed. This surely is one of he the reason why Kaisilver mens claddagh rings are often ordered with heart shaped carnelian gems. Another belief that has been around for centuries claims that, the bloodstone helps blood circulation and cures blood related disorders. If you do believe in such traditions, you could request for a mens heart bloodstone ring in the claddagh concept. Please note that we do not claim any special powers for any gemstone, the information is presented here as a record of historical traditions and beliefs. One other factor that leads to the specific gem selection for a mens heart shaped gem stone ring is, personal color choice. The general trend for gem color choice for men's jewelry is, deep blue, black, deep purple amethyst, deep iolite color, darker shades (brown) of agate, blue lapis, jade (both medium and dark green) and green like green tourmaline or green sapphire. These are mere trends and you need not limit, your selection to these when choosing a gold or 925 silver mens heart gemstone ring.

We have so far talked about gem preference based on personal likes. There are technical and price factors that will also influence the gem selection, let us say a few things about that. All gems are not equally hard and durable, all gems are not equally priced. Something which is interesting is that, expensive gems do not always have good durability and stability. Gems are sold by weight (per carat) and carat is the unit of measure used to weigh cut and polished gems. Larger generally cost more (per carat), this can get to be very clear and glaring when you talk about gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite. So while we could technically custom make a mens heart gemstone claddagh ring with 10mm heart gemstone, the price would be very high if you wanted gems like ruby or sapphire and even emerald.

Here is an important suggestion, something that will give you more than one benefit. It is not uncommon for jewelry buyers to choose a gem based merely on color preference. Let us presume that you wanted a heart shaped green gemstone for your mens ring. Most people are familiar with emerald and know that it is a green gemstone. So it is quite likely that you would request for a mens gold or 925 silver heart ring with an emerald. There is nothing wrong with an emerald, it is precious gem that has been known for more many centuries. However the point is that, it is one of the most expensive green gems. Another interesting and important fact is that, it is not one of the most durable gems used in jewelry! The fact is that other green gem options like period, green tourmaline and even green sapphire would be more durable, some of these are very much cheaper than emeralds. This is true of many gems and not just green gemstones. For example, blue gems are deep blue topaz, blue sapphire and blue lapis. Deep london blue topaz will be around 90% cheaper than blue sapphires!

Also related to the color selection issue is the factor of gem size. If you wanted a mens heart gem stone claddagh ring with a 10mm blue gem, the possibility of using a blue sapphire is remote. This is because a medium to good grade blue sapphire gem that is 10mm heart shape, would be priced at around 5,000 U.S$ to 15,000 U.S$ and that, is just for the gemstone. So if you wanted a sapphire mens heart ring, limit the gem size to around 8mm. But if your priority is big size and a blue gem, a deep blue London blue topaz gem should be the best choice. Since there are hundreds of combinations, it would be best if you discussed your specific requirement with your jeweler.

The suitability of a mens claddagh heart gem ring is not limited by age, nationality or marital status. The love, friendship and loyalty meaning of the claddagh ring is not limited to personal relationships that end in marriage. You could wear this mens heart gemstone ring as a birth stone ring, it is ofcourse very suitable for a mens engagement or wedding ring. Wear the ring and show the virtues and values that you respect and adore. You could get a gold or sterling silver mens heart gem stone claddagh ring, depending on your personal likes and budget. The best thing about jewels with such deep meaning is that, the gold or silver ring has the same level of importance and significance.


Main Features Of Kaisilver Claddagh Mens Rings

Metal Options Custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver. For the gold mens heart ring, you can choose 14k or 18k claddagh mens rings. The options for yellow or  white gold claddagh heart rings for men is also available.
Gemstones All gem options are availble for your heart gem stone ring, every gemstone is closely checked and custom cut. Full range of gem options are available for the gold or 925 silver mens claddagh heart ring.
Available Sizes Since each heart gem stone mens claddagh ring is fully tailormade to your specifications, the ring is available in all ring sizes.
Craftsmanship Some of the finest craftsmen, give complete attention and dedication to crafting each mens claddagh gem stone ring. Expert gem cutters intricately cut every gem to fit the fine metal mountings. The same quality of craftsmanship is provided for the gold or 925 mens heart gem claddagh ring.
Customization All design modifications are possible, you can request for a claddagh mens ring with no gemstone. The heart portion in such mens heart ring would be made of metal too. It is also possible to exclude the crown from the ring or, add diamonds to the crown.
Etchings A short message or a few symbols can be etched inside the band of your mens heart gemstone claddagh ring. This will be done at no additional charge to you.
Wedding Ring Pair Since Kaisilver claddagh rings are available for ladies and men, the claddagh ring is a great option for a pair of wedding rings,
 Contact us for other designs, gemstones or options.

The above report has been compiled by Directstones. We have always tried to educate the buyer rather than to make a sale. While this brings us lesser orders, it gives us immense satisfaction in ensuring that the buyer makes well informed buying decisions. Do write to our support experts at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any queries or doubts related to gems and jewelry. There is no need to make any purchase from us, so do go ahead and get the benefit of our expertise.  

We custom cut all gems in the shape and size that you need. There is no minumum order requirement for value or quantity, even single gemstone orders are welcome. You can buy just the loose gemstones or request for a complete custom jewel to be crafted in gold or sterling silver. The design for your jewelry can be yours or ours.

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