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Gemstones In Cufflinks 

The Trend For Gem Stone Cuff Links Catches Momentum 

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It is interesting to see how cuff links have added beauty and style over the years. The word cuff links is a simple word, they were meant to be simple links that held together both sides of the cuff around the wrist. We are referring to shirts or blouses with long sleeves, where the cuff portion is meant to wrap around the wrist and be held in place. The trend to have gemstones in cufflinks initially began as a fashion, buyers were not too concerned about the stones in gem cufflinks being natural or artificial, but that has changed quickly. Both cufflink providers and buyers realized that natural gemstones could add value and meaning to cufflinks.

In this report on gemstones in cufflinks, we will cover a number of issues related to gemstone cuff links. Also keep in mind that we are talking about custom cufflinks that are made to order and not about, wholesale cufflinks that are mass produced. It is only custom made gold or silver cufflinks that can be personalized to include your preferences. Mass produced wholesale cufflinks are aimed at mass markets where the buyer is willing to compromise on various design features and generally, even on quality of craftsmanship. We will also discuss the metal options for gemstone cufflinks as, the metal can at times influence the gem selection.

gemstone cufflinks, choosing the right gems for gold or 925 silver cuff links
Gemstones are a great way to enhance the looks and meaning of your cuff links. Both gold and 925 silver cufflinks can be custom made with all gem options. While it is presumed that you need natural gems for your cufflinks, you can specify if you do not mind the gems being artificial (synthetic). Birthstone cufflinks are a very popular option for gem selection, such cufflinks make great gifts too. Custom made cufflinks can be made plain or with gems ... more.

Metal: Gemstone cufflinks are generally made in gold or 925 silver. The fact that gold prices have risen sharply in recent years, has worked to increase the demand for sterling silver gem stone cufflinks. If you plan to go for a pair of gold cuff links with gemstones, 14k or even 10k white or yellow gold will give good hardness and toughness to the cufflinks. 10k gold is harder than 14k gold and 14k gold is harder than 18k gold. This is just a piece of technical advice and you can make your own decision. Silver gemstone cufflinks are more likely to fit budgets, so give them a good look too. While some jewelers recommended rhodium, gold or platinum plating on silver cufflinks to take care of tarnish, the fact is that no plating done on silver will last forever. Keeping this in mind, we would suggest that you leave your sterling silver gem stone cufflinks unplated. If and when they do tarnish, use a recommended silver jewelry polish lotion or fabric to take away the tarnish. Make sure that you do not get carried away with low price tags on light weight gemstone cufflinks, low metal weight also means flimsy cufflinks that can break or bend.

Natural v/s Artificial: As the terms suggest, natural gemstones are got from nature, they may be cut and polished or treated to enhance their beauty or durability. On the other hand artificial gems which also go by names like imitation gems, lab gemstone, lab created gems or synthetic gems are not natural gemstones. Your gemstone cufflinks could have natural or artificial (man made) gems - just make sure that you know which ones you will be getting. To the untrained eye, artificial gemstones can appear more 'gorgeous' in terms of color, clarity and glitter! However the fact is that, natural gems have more value and are much rarer than their artificial counterparts. When you decide to get a pair of gold or 925 silver cufflinks in gold or 925 silver, make sure that your jeweler knows what type of gems you need. In certain cases, natural gems might need a bit of caring and looking after for reasons of durability - we will discuss that in the paragraph on durability of gem stone cufflinks.

Gem Sizes: If you had allowed a man to choose the gem size of his choice for gemstone cufflinks, he would surely prefer the gemstone to be as near the dimensions of the cufflinks as possible. Unfortunately this cannot always be possible. Gemstones are priced differently, some of them cannot be found in large sizes and many of them show a sharp price increase (per carat) when the gem size moves up. Keeping this and your budget in mind, you will need to work on an ideal gemstone size for your cufflinks. When it comes to expensive gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite - it might be a good idea to keep the gem size in the 3mm to 5mm size range. Just keep in mind that, the concept for your gem stone cufflink can be designed to accomodate more than one gem - this is useful when it comes to gems in the smaller size range. Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Agate, Jade, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Lemon Quartz etc can be moderately priced even in size that are in the 10mm to 12mm range. However, tourmalines, aquamarines, morganites, opals etc should ideally be within the 6mm to 7mm range. Just keep in mind that, all these recommendations can be customized to work within your budget.

Birthstones: This is a very popular option for gem stones in cufflinks. The tradition that every month, has a corresponding gemstone has been carried down from centuries. Wearing the gemstone for the month that a person was born in, is supposed to bring good luck. If you decide to get a pair of birthstone cufflinks, the gemstone selection is almost fixed based on the month of your birth. Many birthstone charts list a few alternate gems for each birthstone so, you might have some choice. We just spoke about gem size and the relation of price to size in the Gem Sizes paragraph above, this becomes directly relevant based on the birthstone that you are looking for. The concept of wearing artificial gems as birthstones is generally not done, as most people who believe in birthstones bringing good luck, prefer to have natural gemstones.

Combine Gems: This is an interesting possibility for gemstones in cufflinks. The concept of combining different gem colors in a single jewel has always been a favorite among jewelry lovers. Choosing to have your gem stone cufflinks custom made will give you a high degree of personalization. The gem colors used in your cufflinks can be based on your color preference, you could also use the concept of color matching to decide which gems you want to combine in your pair of cufflinks. A wife might gift a pair of cufflinks to her husband, these could have the birthstones of the wife and husband. Family birthstone jewels are generally gifted by the husband to wife or by the children to their mother but, a man would love to have a pair of gemstone cufflinks where all the birthstones of the family members are set.

Gem Colors: The gemstone color for your cufflinks can be decided by you, this might not be possible if you plan to get a pair of wholesale gemstone cufflinks though. In the case of birthstone cufflinks, the gems are decided by the birthstone applicable and so will have their color more or less fixed. Here is a very important and valuable suggestion related to gemstone color. If you like a particular gem color like blue, red or green but are not particular about any specific gem - let your jeweler know this. We say this because, many gems can have a similar color - some of the gems might be expensive and some might be more moderately priced. Similarly some green gems might be more sturdy as compared to others. Many buyers who are not very well versed with gemstones, often presume that the only blue gem is sapphire, the only green gem is emerald and the only red gem is ruby. Interestingly, ruby, sapphire and emerald are also among the most expensive gems in those respective colors! A more modestly priced color and gem combination would be blue topaz, green peridot or even green tourmaline and red garnet.  

Gem Mounting: This is another important feature of gem cuff links that needs to be addressed. The gem mounting for your cufflinks needs to be firm, a flimsy mounting could loosen the gemstones. If the gem drops off and you need to replace it, the repair and fixing charges could be quite high. Some gem mountings like prong settings can also cause problems. The prongs could stick in pockets and other places and this could cause them to gradually open up. We recommend a gem setting where the entire gem is bordered with metal, this is firm and also smooth with no sharp edges or corners.

Design: Each buyer would have his or her own idea of what is a good design and what is not. Broadly, you could group cufflinks as classic antique styles, or modern styles. Keep in mind that the design for your cufflinks can also determine how sturdy they are. It will also define how the gems are mounted, this again influences how firmly the gems are mounted in the cuff links. The issue that we would like to stress is that, a good design is expected to do much more than just make the cufflinks appear attractive and impressive. We would also like to mention that, it is not necessary for your cufflinks to have gems at all. You can go for a pair of gold or 925 silver cufflinks with that are plain too.

Durability: We have put this feature at the very end and this, for some specific reasons. Just how sturdy and durable your gemstone cufflinks would be, depends on a number of factors. To begin with, the basic design and concept, the metal weight  and the quality of craftsmanship would all be deciding factors. We did mention that different gems have different hardness and durability ratings, the gem selection for your cufflinks would also influence the durability of your cufflinks.

The above report on gemstone cufflinks should give you a clear idea of what to look for when shopping for cufflinks with gemstones. We would like to look at various cufflink providers before making a buying decision. The above information will let you make a fair and balanced evaluation of various options, this removes the complexity and confusion of making the right choice. At Directstones we can provide you with just the gems for your cuff links or even custom make a pair of gold or silver cufflinks for you. The design, dimensions, metal and gems for your cufflinks can be decided by you. Do contact our support team at sales@kaisilver.com if you have any questions or requirements.


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