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This is a collection of gemstone related information. Some of these gem stone writeups talk about the history of a gem, others relate the stories and folklore associated with some gem stones. The reason why every gem lover should read these write ups is because, much of the information provided here is not available from other gem providers. For example not many people are aware that emeralds should not be exposed to heat and should not be soaked in soap water. Almost no other gem stone provider would tell you that the color of Kunzite fades over time. Many gem sources sell good looking jadeite at very high prices, but did you know that most of this is jadeite that has been given a color enhancement by color dyeing. The gem stone information on this page will be regularly updated so you should make sure that you save the link as your favorite. Keep coming back and get more of these interesting, useful and amazing pieces of information.

Amethyst the February birthstone. This violet purple gem is available in a few color shades ... more . Blue sapphire gemstones are easily the most popular color for sapphire gem stones ... more . Blue topaz is gorgeous, it is  affordable too. The gem is available in 3 shades of blue ...  more .
Carnelian is a reddish orange gem, a type of quartz. It is supposed to calm the mind and relieve stress ... more . Bloodstone is a variety of green jasper. Many believe that the red spots are the blood of Lord Jesus .... more . Emerald has been known for many centuries, it was the favorite gem of Cleopatra ... more .
Iolite gems can appear like tanzanite, this stone is also called the gemstone of the vikings, read why  ... more . Jade consists of both jadeite and nephrite. Most of jade used in jewelry is dyed to enhance color ... more . London blue topaz: the deep blue shade of topaz. This gemstone is not very bright or flashy ... more .
White opal: The gem that gets it's beauty because of the moisture that is naturally present in the gem ... more . Amethyst : More information on this gorgeous purple gemfrom Brazil and Africa. Shades of purple  ...  more . Rubelite: The gem that many mistake for rubies. It is only the name and color that resemble a ruby  ... more .
Sky blue topaz: The palest blue shade of blue topaz. Could often come close to the color of aquamarine ... more. Star sapphire: Affordable diffused star sapphire gems. Clear and sharp star, good sizes and great prices ... more . Swiss Blue Topaz : This is the bright blue topaz and also the most popular blue shade for topaz gems ... more .
Kunzite: A pinkish gem stone, with color fading property. All Kunzite will fade when exposed to light ... more . Emeralds: Oil treating emeralds enhances their beauty. How to wear and clean emeralds ... more . Aquamarine: This pale blue gem is the birth stone for March. Good hardness and clarity make it an attractive buy ... more .
Denim Lapis: A lighter shade of blue for lapis lazuli gems due to an even spread of calcite, resembles denim fabric ... more. Rare Gemstones: It is the gem type, gem shape or even gem size that can classify it as a rare gem stone ... more. Red Gem With Dark Spots: A query being often made on our website. Let us know what you are looking for ... more.
Californite: A variety of vesuvianite or idocrase found in California, this stone can resemble low grade jade. It is also called california jade... more. Horsetail Inclusions in demantoid garnets from Russian mines are considered to increase the value of the gem stone ... more. Amethyst rough, can be very pale, medium purple or dark purple. Very light color amethyst rough will yield pale amethyst gems ... more.
Ruby: Essential information related to ruby gem stones. Equation between price, size and quality ... more. Ultrasonic Cleaners: Not all types of gems and jewelry can be cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner ... more. Ant Hill Garnets: Not a specific variety of garnet, the name ant hill garnet refers to garnets mined by ants ... more.
Big Tanzanite: A 12,000 carat piece of rough tanzanite found. How large would the cut and polished stone be ... more. Recognizing emeralds, some specific characteristics that could help you make a preliminary assessment ... more. Tanzanite Availability: There is enough of Tanzanite rough gemstone in the mines to last for a few decades ... more.
African Opal: Rough African opal gemstones, a variety of opal gems without color flashes or color play ... more. Big jade rough gem stone. Large green jade stone in Thailand. Displayed in a temple and is not for sale ... more. Opal doublets are gems with two layers. The bottom dark layer can enhance the durability and beauty of the gem ... more.
Cleaning Emeralds: The nature of emeralds make them prone to break or crack in ultrasonic cleaners ... more. Tanzanite Birthstone: Not many people are aware that Tanzanite is one of the December birth stones ... more. Royal Wedding Ring: 18 carat Ceylon blue sapphire gem in a diamond and sapphire ring for Kate Middleton ... more.
Tanzanite Rough: It is heat treatment of tanzanite rough stones that gives them the gorgeous clarity and color ... more. Midnight Blue Sapphires: What is the meaning of a midnight blue sapphire, very dark blue sapphire ... more. Silver specks on a blue gem stone, generally refers to the blue lapis gem stone. The specks are not gold ... more.
Fake Moldavite: The emergence of fake moldavite gems is posing serious problems. Check the report ... more. Antique Sapphire Ring: An antique blue sapphire gemstone ring, check out the details of this awesome jewel ... more. Big Sapphire Pendant: The big sapphire heart pendant in the movie Titanic did not have a genuine sapphire ... more.
Carmen Lucia Ruby: A gorgeous 23.1 carat Burmese ruby gem stone. Big rubies are rarer than big sapphires or emeralds. Read the full report ... more. Big Emerald Ring: Spanish ship wreck yields a gorgeous 10 carat emerald gem stone ring. This antique emerald ring is about 400 years old ... more. Heart Gems For Men: Gem rings for men with heart gems are not common, the historic claddagh mens ring with a heart gem is an exception ... more.
Colored Diamonds: The value of a color diamond depends on the origin of the color. This report explains about treated enhanced color diamonds ... more. White Topaz Gems: With more than 90% of all topaz mined being white topaz, less than 15% of the topaz gemstones used are white topaz ... more. Jade Treament: With more than 90% of all jade gems being treated in some way or the other, buyers are rarely aware of the jade treatments used ... more.
Small Sapphires: Better price and quality is possible with small sapphire gemstones. We explain how to choose the right sapphire gem sizes ... more. Ethopian Opals and Water: Opals from Ethopia could temporarily lose their base color when soaked in water. Check out the report ... more. Checkerboard Sapphire Gems: The high rough sapphire weight loss related to the cutting of sapphire checkerboard gems, makes the stones rare ... more.
Opal Jargon: An easy explanation to some very confusing opal terminology. Read this report before you buy your next opal gemstone ... more.
Gems For Cufflinks: Choosing the right gemstones for your gold or silver cufflinks. We provide constructive suggestions for the right gem choice ... more. Aquamarine Topaz: A misleading name for light blue topaz, aquamarine topaz is not aquamarine. We get you the complete report on this gemstone ... more. Diamond Substitutes: Gem options for a diamond substitute can be natural or artificial. Various gemstones that could be used instead of diamonds ... more.
Demantoid Inclusions: The horse tail inclusions seen in some Russian demantoid garnets, enhances the value of the gem ... more. Lab Alexandrite: Why has this lab created gem attained such high levels of acceptance. We discuss issues related to lab alexandrite ... more. Reconstituted Turquoise: Should this  turquoise be referred to as turquoise? How is reconstituted turquoise made, how does it get the name ... more.
Stabilized Turquoise: Why do stabilized turquoise gems gain wide acceptance, what is stabilization of turquoise gems. Check our our report ... more. Turquoise Treatments: Stabilization is not the only type of turquoise treatment. Not all treatments enhance durability, an essential report ... more. Caring For Turquoise: Keep your turquoise gems looking their best, this report tells you how to care for turquoise and how to clean turquoise ... more.
Ruby: The treatments applied to ruby gems determines their value and price. Understanding ruby gem stone treatments... more . Lace agate: This banded variety of agate has interesting patterns that are generated by progressive solidification over millions of years ... more. Rutilated Quartz: On rare ocassions, inclusions in a gem increase their value. Rutile inclusions in quartz are a good example .... more.

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