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Emerald Oil Treatment 

Treating Emerald With Oils, Reasons And Implications 

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Emeralds are a variety of beryl , they are green or bluish green in color. Along with rubies and sapphires, emerald gems are classified as precious gemstones. If you ever seen a natural emerald gem, you would have noticed the inclusions and fissures in the gemstone. These are natural occurences that develop during the millions of years it takes for an emerald to be naturally formed. Gemstone and jewelry lovers who know about emeralds accept these inclusions and fissures. Rather than refer to them as flaws, they prefer to call them 'birth marks' of the gem.

Emeralds like many other gems are treated to enhance their properties. The fissures that naturally occur in an emerald hamper the clarity of the gem stone. A method has been used for a very long time to take care of this problem. It is known that an oil treatment using natural oils can reduce the visibility of the fissures, this obviously increases the clarity and lustre of the emerald. Oil treatment for emeralds is widely practised globally and gemological accept this process too. There are some people who believe that treating emeralds with oils also increases the durability of the gem but, no scientific evidence has been put forward for this belief. So when you are considering buying an emerald, you should know that 99% chances are that you will get an emerald that has been treated with oils.

We just read that the oil treatment of emeralds increases their beauty. At the same time, this oil treatment also calls for some additional care to be taken when wearing or handling an emerald. Once you have understood that the beauty of your emerald depends to a certain extent on the oils in the gem, you will realize that anything that adversely affected the oils can reduce or ruin the beauty of the gem. Exposing an emerald gem to a heat source can cause the oils to dry up. This is something that also needs to be considered when you need to repair your emerald jewel. If you had to resize your emerald gem stone ring, the jeweler would need to take off the stone before resizing the ring. Once the ring is re-sized and the metal mounting repolished, the emerald will need to be reset in the ring. This is a safe strategy because heat and even a strike from one of the hard tools, could damage a gorgeous emerald.

Soaking an emerald in soap water or liquid soap will surely wash out the oils or at least badly affect them. A slight touch of toilet soap when washing your hands might not affect an emerald stone very adversely but, a prolonged soaking will ruin the stone. Chemicals and strong solvents can similarly have a negative impact on the oils in the emerald. We would also recommend that an emerald gemstone not be worn when doing hard physical activity. The stone can crack or break if struck by physical impact.

There is some good news about oil treating emeralds. Most gemstone treatments like heating, radiation and even bulk diffusion cannot be redone or at least cannot be redone. However the oil treatment for emeralds is something that many jewelers can redo for you. While this is something that should not encourage you to become careless or complacent, it does give hope when the oils in your emerald gem stone seem to have dried up.

The above information is something that most gem and jewelry sellers are aware of.  For some strange and probably selfish reason, the information is kept away from buyers. Our opinion is that a buyer who loves an emerald will not be satisfied with any other gem. Armed with the essential information provided on this page, an emerald gem stone buyer will take better care of his gemstone. This will mean that the gem will keep looking good for a longer time. We do hope that more gem and jewelry providers will adopt this method of openly sharing important information with the buyer. This is the only way to ensure that both sides benefit from a sale.


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