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Emerald Gems, The Green Beryl 

Emerald Is A Type Of Green Beryl, The Gem Has An Interesting History 

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Emerald has been known to man for many thousand years. While rubies, sapphires and emeralds were some of the most desired gems with the royals and powerful, there is an interesting twist to this. Lack of gemstone knowledge made many people believe that all green gems were emerald. This is similar to red spinels being identified as ruby. History tells us that Cleopatra's jewelry collection included some stunning emerald gem stones. But gemological experts proved that a substantial quantity of her 'emerald' jewelry infact contained peridot and not emerald. We can presume that it was lack of technical knowledge and not fraud that led to this mistake. Few jewelers would have dared risk being beheaded for deliberately cheating her.

Talking about the color of emerald provides a good insight into this gem stone. Emeralds are basically green in color and can range from very pale green to a deep green color. The medium green color range of emeralds are the most sought after. It is possible for some emeralds to show a slight hint of blue in the green. However most emerald gem stone buyers would prefer to have no blue visible to the naked eye. When you see a very dark green emerald, check whether the heavy concentration of internal inclusions is giving the gemstone its dark appearance. A very pale green emerald gem stone can exaggarate the inclusions in the gemstone. No matter what green shade you choose for your emerald, you can proudly claim to own one the most valuable and desirable green gemstones.

One of the most important features that gem buyers look for is clarity in the stone. Terms like eye clean and loupe clean are used to define the extent of clarity exhibited by a gem stone. If you had to use the same standards to select an emerald gem stone, you would have found it very tough. This is because, visible inclusions are always present in emeralds, these would be visible to the naked eye and you do not need any gemological apparatus to see them. The quality of an emerald could be determined by the location and number of inclusions that are present in the stone. Fewer inclusions away from the center of the gem would drive the price higher. If you see an eye clean emerald gem stone, expect to pay a very fancy price for it. Even doubt the authenticity of the gem, it is very likely to be a fake. Gem lovers regard these natural inclusions as the birthmarks of the gem, something that distinguishes each emerald gem from another.

Emerald is the birth stone for May and is associated with good luck and well being. Centuries ago the Indian Vedic scriptures mentioned about the emerald and it's positive influence on life. This probably is the reasin why Indian maharajas and queens adorned themselves with expensive emerald studded jewels. A visit to the city of Jaipur in India will reveal hundreds of emerald gem cutters working for some of the largest rough emerald buyers in the world. This is very interesting considering the fact that the Indian sub-continent never had any emerald mines. The British made off with some highly priced gems including emeralds during the time that they ruled India. The stealers then managed to auction off some of these plundered jewels for astronomical prices in big auction houses situated in the U.K.

The issue of durability is an interesting when one talks the emerald gemstone. Any gem expert would tell you that a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale makes a gem very suitable for jewelry. But hardness is not everything and emeralds prove this. Despite the impressive hardness of the gem stone, the existence of natural inclusions and fissures reduces the strength of the gem stone. This means that you need to keep the gem away from hard objects and ensure that it is not struck by physical impact. A researched jewelry design will also go a long way in increasing the durability of an emerald gemstone jewel. Another issue related to durability of emerald stones is the fact that all emeralds are treated with natural oils. Many gem dealers believe that these oils help to make the stone stronger but this has never been proved. What is well known is that the oil treatment of emerald gem stones, enhances the clarity and lustre of the gem. The treatment also requires you to take some additional care for your emerald stone or jewels. Placing an emerald near a heat source, washing it with detergents or exposing it to chemicals can affect the oils in the gem. This will reduce the beauty of the gemstone and also reduce clarity, something that you would not want to happen. All gems have some specific properties that require certain precautions and care to be taken when using or cleaning the gems. The truth is that you will continue to derive better and longer satisfaction from your emerald gem stone jewelry with knowledge from this report. While most jewelers believe that educating buyers reduces sales, we sincerely feel that the best policy is to keep the buyer informed and allow a well informed decision to be made.


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