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Carnelian Gemstone

Carnelian Is A Microcrystalline Variety Of Quartz 

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Carnelian gems are generally of an orange color, the depth of the orange color could vary from clear orange to a more deeper reddish-orange color. By composition carnelian is a variety of quartz, to be more specific it is a microcrystalline variety of quartz. It is true that far more people have heard of agate as compared to the carnelian gem stone. Agate another microcrystalline quartz has a deep brown color with no hint of orange or red. You should therefore know that, carnelian color shades range from orange to the reddish orange. Some people refer to this gemstone as the Mecca stone or the Pigeon Blood agate. Many civilizations have added their tradition and heritage to this gem stone. Most carnelian gems are cut in a smooth cabachon cut. You could request for custom cutting of the gemstone with a faceted cut too.

A few interesting things regarding the color of carnelian gems. Firstly, it is quite common to heat treat carnelian. This gives better color saturation especially for lighter colored carnelian gems. If you see a dark brown 'carnelian' remember that, it is better classified as an agate rather than a carnelian gem stone. Most gorgeous looking carnelians are opaque, the opacity gives good visibility of the body color of the gemstone. You can find carnelian gems that have transparency but, these are generally a pale orange and not very popular. The orange to medium reddish-orange carnelian gemstones are what most gem lovers look for. In the Islamic world, carnelian gems are worn by ladies and men. Although not sufficiently supported by evidence, there is some truth in the reports Isamic men prefer deep orange (reddish) carnelian gemstone jewelry. The ladies on the other hand wear light to medium orange carnelian gem stones.

This gemstone has had a loyal following for many centuries and across virtually all civilizations. The presence of Iron Oxide is believed to give color to carnelian gemstones. The Egyptians referred to the gem as 'Thet' and believed in it's properties to protect the dead in their afterlife. Aarons breast plate has carnelian as one of the gemstones and represents the Reuben tribe. Carnelian amulets are worn by Buddhists in India, Nepal and parts of China. They believe that the stone provides protection from dangers and bad influences. Signet rings and cameos were made from Carnelian by the Greeks and Romans.

This is the gemstone that is supposed to make a person calm and composed. It is often used as a confidence giver for those lacking in confidence. Crystal healers recommend that carnelian be worn or kept around the home or office. Sweden and Norway have lifted the gemstone to the status of a 'national gem'. You should know that medical properties of gemstones have not been medically or scientifically tested. We therefore do not recommend their usage as a substitute for professional medical advice.


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