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Califronite or California Jade 

Californite Is A Variety Of Vesuvianite Or Idocrase, It Is Not Jade 

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californite or california jade is a variety of idocrase also called vesuvianite
Californite shows more of a massive bulky composition rather than a fine transluscent or transparent crystal. The material is mined in California and is therefore called Californite. Confusing names like California jade are used to make this stone more appealing to gem buyers. Californite is a variety of vesuvianite (idocrase). It can resemble low quality jade but is not the same as jade.

Californite is a greenish stone with a massive form found in California. The stone is also sometimes marketed as California jade as the color could resemble low grade jade. For all gemological purposes, the name californite gemstone is a trade name. Gemologists know this stone as idocrase or vesuvianite. The stone can be found in shades of yellow, blue, brown or green. The rough that is mined in California is more like an opaque mass and is given the name Californite.

The vesuvianite in gem quality is generally a nice transparent green and can sometimes be confused with peridot. The first discovery of vesuvianite was found near Mount Vesuvius in Italy. The mountain is home to one of the most famous and dangerous volcanoes. Fine quality vesuvianite can be cut and faceted as a gemstone, it has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. On the other hand, Californite (massive opaque variety) is used in carvings or some cabachon cut stones.

To summarize this explanation you could say that, Californite or California jade is a variety of vesuvianite or idocrase. But vesuvianite has far more to offer besides the opaque and bulky Californite. The names vesuvianite and idocrase can be used interchangeably.

Gem providers are aware that gem buyers could get confused by trade jargon and fancy gemstone nicknames. It does seem that the objective was to confuse buyers, pushing them to make a purchase without complete information. We get at least a dozen emails each year requesting for california jade that is not treated or dyed in any way. It does take efforts to explain to the buyer that jade and californite ( vesuvianite) are not the same. It is easy to fool the buyer and push some gemstone on the buyer but, that strategy does not work to the benefit of both sides. We prefer to provide information to buyers and let them make their own decisions based on facts. If you need any information or would like to clarify any doubts related to gems or jewelry, email us at sales@kaisilver.com We will be glad to help, you will never be under any obligation to make a purchase.


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