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How Is Blue Topaz Made, Colors Of Blue Topaz Gems 

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Blue topaz has been one of the few gems that has maintained a consistent demand for a few decades now. Blue topaz gems have a color range of blue, this means that very few gem lovers will not find a shade of blue topaz gem stones that appeals to them. The very light blue color of topaz is called sky blue topaz, this color shade can be very pale and is often mistaken for aquamarine. While we will discuss this in the paragraphs below, for now suffice it to undersand that topaz and aquamarine are completely different gems. The next color of blue topaz happens to be the brighter blue shade called, swiss blue topaz. Most topaz jewelry that you come across would include the bright blue, swiss blue topaz gem stones. A good quality swiss blue topaz will be eye clean and have sufficient color to throw up good lustre. Finally you have the deep blue topaz which is also referred to as london blue topaz . This color shade is not common but looks amazing in london blue topaz rings or pendants. It is also true that much of the mens blue topaz jewelry market segment makes use of this impressive blue topaz.

Now that we have summarized the three colors of blue topaz gems, let us talk about the durability and stability of blue topaz gem stones. The hardness of gems is measured on a scale referred to as the Mohs scale. This scale gives diamonds the highest hardness rating, diamonds measure a 10 on the Mohs scale. Measured on this scale, topaz scores an impressive 8 making it suitable for all kinds of jewelry. Color stability is another issue that is used to rate gemstone durability and this is once again no problem with all colors of blue topaz gems. When making this statement it is important that you understand one important issue. The blue topaz gems that we have talked about in this write up relate to blue topaz gemstones that, have used controlled radiation for the color treatment. The newer treatment that involves coating the gemstone superficially with a blue color shade, does not yield blue topaz that has color stability. This is because the color on such blue topaz gems will come off when the surface is scratched or chipped. The gemstone is also not affected by water, normal bathing soap, cooking oil etc. With this background you will have to give blue topaz a thumbs up, when it comes to strength and durability of the gem stone.

While we will mention pricing in this paragraph, the reference will be to individual pieces of blue topaz gems. Each gem would be handpicked and custom cut, will not contain any inclusions and will have no cutting flaws. Large gemstone dealers are keen to sell wholesale lots of blue topaz, they are not generally interested in fulfilling orders for single piece jewels. But when you need a swiss, london or sky blue topaz gems stone for your jewel, you will need access to a single flawless piece. Keeping this in mind, you could pay in the range of 5 U.S$ to 20 U.S$ per carat depending on the blue color shade, size and shape of the blue topaz that you require. These prices will hold good for normal cuts and shapes, fancy shapes and cuts would carry a premium price. If you had to compare the prices for sky blue topaz gems, swiss blue topaz gems and london blue topaz gem stones, sky blue topaz would be at the lower price range and the peak price range would cover london blue topaz.

Talking about big topaz gems, you could say that any blue topaz that is around 10 carats or larger could classify as a big blue topaz gem stone. If you have followed the trail of big blue topaz over the years, you would have noticed an interesting trend. A few decades ago, a blue topaz would need be around 30 carats or more to be called large. Big topaz gems in the 30 to 60 carat category were quite common at that time. Today tells a different story and most of the so called big blue topaz gemstones are now in the 10 to 30 carat size range. So while the concept of big and small gem sizes has always been related to the type of gemstone, this definition can vary for the same gem over a period of time. Big gems are luxury stones, you should therefore make sure that the big blue topaz gem that you get is eye clean and well cut. Your big gem would get rarer and keep attracting an increasing number of admirers, a lot of close inspections can be expected!

The good clarity of blue topaz gems combined with it's modest price has allowed designers to spell out their fantasies. You could have topaz jewels with no other gems or combine it with gems like amethyst, citrine, red garnet or even blue and pink sapphires. If you are looking for something truly eye catching and unique, set a selection of blue topaz gems that combines sky blue, swiss blue and london blue topaz gemstones in the same jewel. How about a blue topaz bracelet that has an arrangement of blue topaz gems starting with the palest color (sky blue topaz gems) and ending the the deep rich blue color shade of london blue topaz.


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