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Blue Gemstones

Options For Blue Gems

Blue gems have enjoyed a consistent popularity for many decades. If you analyze the trend of green gems and blue gems, you will notice a similar demand pattern. Blue is the color of the sky and water, shades of blue can capture various moods and emotions. The edge that blue gemstones enjoy over green gems is that blue gemstones are popular among ladies and men. The reference to blue color gems in this section considers only natural gemstones and not manmade imitations.

Different blue gemstones offer differing shades of blue, there is therefore no 'best' or 'ideal' blue gemstone. When considering a blue gem stone, you will need to work within your budget and then consider options based on color, durability etc. You could also classify blue gems based on opaque and transparent gems. Blue gems for mens rings need to tackle some very specific requirements. Mens blue gemstone rings would generally require fairly large gems, both availability and pricing become important issues to be considered. It is a well known fact that men do not take too much care of the jewelry that they wear. Keeping this in mind, durable blue gemstones will be the preferred choice.

One of the most popular blue color gems is blue sapphire this gem stone would have, the highest hardness rating (at 9) as compared to other blue gems. This ofcourse presumes that we are not considering blue diamonds. Blue topaz is another option for a blue gem stone. This gem is available in three shades of blue, pale blue topaz is called sky blue topaz. The blue topaz gemstone with a brighter blue color is called swiss blue topaz. The deepest blue topaz gem is called london blue topaz. This blue gem stone is has a slightly lower rating on hardness as compared to blue sapphire. However if you had to compare, durability, color and clarity blue topaz is better value for your money as it is much cheaper than blue sapphire. You might come across another blue gem stone called Kyanite. This gem is very soft and really not suitable for jewelry applications. The color can sometimes resemble that of a high quality blue sapphire, but sapphire is many times more durable as compared to this blue stone. Blue apatite can also be an option, the gem needs some caution when being worn or stored. But unless you have any special affinity for blue apatite, we would recommend blue topaz in the swiss blue topaz shade instead of the blue apatite gem stone. Blue zircon is another choice for a blue gem, sizes upto the 3 carat range should be quite easily found.  Blue spinel is another gorgeous blue stone, the stone is durable but quite rare in large sizes. Another classic blue stone is aquamarine, it is a variety of beryl and has good durability. However be prepared to accept a fairly pale blue color, this is how much of the mine output is appearing these days.

 If you are thinking of blue gems that are opaque, blue lapis is a popular gem stone especially for mens rings. Most of the blue lapis used today is dyed so you need to make sure that you get what you need. Sodalite is another similar gem stone like blue lapis. While many gem and jewelry lovers have not heard of sodalite, the gem stone is often worn because of the special powers that it is believed to posess. Turquoise is another very popular blue gem. Turquoise used by most jewelry manufacturers is stabilized to enhance the color and durability of the gemstone. 

The blue gems shown on this page are just an example of what we at Directstones can provide. All gems are handpicked and custom cut, you can request for the gemstone, shape and size. Some of Thailand's finest gem cutters provide complete attention to every gemstone that we provide. You can buy just the gem stone or request for an entire jewel to be custom made just for you.    

sky blue topaz gemstone, light blue topaz gems can resemble the color of aquamarine.


Topaz is one of the most popular blue gem stones. This blue stone strikes a good balance between price, beauty and durability. The pale blue topaz gem shown here is also referred to as a sky blue topaz. This is large blue gem with size of 14x12mm. Since each one of these oval blue topaz stones are custom cut, the gem is provided with a proportionate weight of around 8.5 carats. Orders are welcome even for a single piece and you can order as many pieces as you need. An affordable price tag of just 52.50 U.S$ for this eye clean blue topaz gemstone.

Swiss blue topaz gems, bright blue topaz gemstones


One more shade of this awesome blue gemstone. Swiss blue topaz is the brighter shade of blue topaz. Shown here is a heart shape blue gem of size 12mm. We can custom cut a complete set of blue topaz stones for you. Let us know your requirements and we will take the bother out of your buying process. This large heart shape blue topaz has a weight of around 7.5 carats. A great price of just 81 U.S$ for the piece. This blue gemstone can be worn by ladies and men but, men generally prefer the darker shade of topaz which is london blue topaz. We can custom cut all blue stones in the size and shape that you need.

big blue topaz gem, round london blue topaz gem stone


A very impressive blue color gem, yet another blue topaz. This time a large London Blue Topaz stone with a whooping size of 20mm, well surpported with an awesome weight of 40 carats. Such large london blue topaz stones are getting rarer. This blue stone was handcut by some of Thailand's finest gem cutters. A price tag of just 775 U.S$ for this blue topaz gem, makes it a great buy. If you intend to make a complete set of blue gem stones, we can cut a complete matching set for you. Buy as many pieces as you need, even single piece orders are welcome.

blue topaz gem stones, all sizes and shapes


Nice blue gems, these are 7mm round swiss blue topaz gems. Each stone has been handpicked and is eye clean. A weight of around 1.3 carats ensured that the proportions for size and weight are well maintained. We ofcourse can provide you all three shades of blue topaz. Gems are custom cut and can handle all shape and size requirements. This blue gem is a great buy at just 12 U.S$ per piece. You can buy as many pieces as you need and we can cut a matching set according to your need. You can buy just a single piece or several hundred. We welcome orders of all sizes.


blue sapphire gemstone, ceylon sapphire cushion shaped gem


You can consider blue sapphires to be in the upper price bracket of blue gemstones. The image shows a ceylon blue sapphire gem stone. The size of this cushion shaped blue sapphire is around 6.25mm to 6.50mm. Despite the dwindling mine output of sapphires from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), blue sapphire stones from that country are preferred by gem and jewelry buyers. This is a gem with good lustre and weighs about 1.4 carats. Will make an excellent wedding or engagement sapphire ring. A modest price of just 1,350 U.S$ for the piece.

ceylon sapphire, blue oval sapphire gemstone from sri lanka


Another stunning blue gem stone, a ceylon sapphire oval 10mm x 8mm gemstone. Good lustre and very appealing price of just 2,500 U.S$ for the piece. This blue sapphire gemstone has a handsome weight of around 3 carats. Since Directstones can procure and custom cut just about any gem stone for you, you can request for blue sapphire stones in all shapes and sizes. If you are thinking of getting a blue gem stone mens' ring, this handsome blue sapphire stone from Sri Lanka would be a great choice.

sapphire gem stone, octogonal shaped blue sapphire.


It is possible to get affordable blue sapphire stones provided you do not insist on large sizes or restrict your selection to blue gems from Ceylon. A size of 6.5-7.5mm ensures that this is neither a very small nor very large blue sapphire gem. A healthy weight of 1.3 carats ensures that this blue gem stone is cut to the right proportions. This is not a top quality blue sapphire but, working on the equation between price, size and quality, it makes a great buy. You pay just 500 U.S$ for this octogonal shaped blue sapphire gem.

We do not expect the few paragraphs above to make you a master in gemstones. But you will at least know what to ask and discuss with your jeweler when choosing a green color stone. There is no substitute for a good jeweler when it comes to making a purchase, unfortunately most jewelers are interested in grabbing an order and provide little or no support advice to the buyer.

The Directstones project is initiated by Kaisilver, the global leader in online custom jewelry. The idea of this project is to provide gem lovers with honest and clear information regarding various gems. In a bid to encourage interest in gems and jewelry, we provide custom cut gems of all types in all shapes and sizes. We prefer to concentrate on small volume buyers, even buyers of single gems rather than pander the wholesale gemstone buyers. Increasing the awareness, interest and availability of gems at the grassroot levels is the only way to bring the beauty and joy of gems to everyone. Your questions and requirements are always welcome at Directstones, you need not make any purchase to get the benefit of our expert knowledge in gems and jewelry. Email us your queries at and our team of experts will ensure that you get the required information.

Who Is Kaisilver?

With a spectacular online track record that extends over 8 years, Kaisilver is today widely accepted as the global leader in online custom jewelry. A team of over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and gemstone cutters works on all custom jewelry orders received by us. Seven top notch designers drawn from five nations ensure that buyer requirements are well understood no matter which part of the globe they come from. This wide expertise allows us to produce high end jewelry of all types, modern, traditional, historic and even antique. The gemstones used in our jewelry are not leftovers, they are not drawn from a fixed inventory. We have instead developed and built a close network with the world's largest sources for gemstone mining and manufacturing. This gives us priority access to over 200 million carats of gems. In the majority of cases, fresh batches of gems are first made available to us. We then pick the cream of the lot and the remaining gems are returned to the gem manufacturer, that is the produce that then hits local markets in various countries.

So why then have many people not heard of Kaisilver. The reason is simple and straight forward. At Kaisilver we do not believe in spending big bills on advertising and publicity gimmicks. Though we do have fashion models and sportsmen in our customer list, we do not use them as sponsors for our custom jewelry. We realize that expensive showrooms and commission driven sales staff all add up on the price tag. The final buyer needs to bear all these overheads and this reduces the material value that the buyer derives for the price paid. We have as a policy, kept away from hiring sales staff. All customer service requirements are made by experts in gems and jewelry. We use customer satisfaction levels as a bench mark to measure staff capability and capacity. So it is customer satisfaction that keeps us in business and ensures a high growth rate.

How To Order?

The process to order gems and custom jewelry at Kaisilver is similar. We do not expect you to make a rush purchase. We do wish that you take the time to discuss your requirements with our experts. They will be in a position to provide constructive suggestions that will guide you to make well informed buying decisions. Email all your requirements to provide as much inputs as possible to help us make relevant suggestions. For example if you are keen on getting a green gemstone but, are not particular about it being an emerald mention this in your email. Our gem experts might suggest a green tourmaline or even a peridot instead of an emerald. This suggestion would reduce our profit margins but will give you a gem that, is much cheaper and even more durable as compared to an emerald. When it comes to payments we offer some very suitable options. Paypal is the preferred form of payment, it is fair to the buyer and seller. The buyer when using paypal never needs to reveal credit card of bank information to the seller. We also accept direct bank transfers but prefer to do this on a case by case basis. When it comes to online transactions these days, both buyer and seller are afraid of frauds. It is quite possible that you do not feel comfortable working with us at Kaisilver. We sometimes feel a little uncomfortable with certain transactions too and prefer to keep away from them. There have always been fears of processing payments through Western Union money transfers. With the latest fraud reports, fake sellers and even fake buyers have been pulling off many online frauds using this mode of payment. At the same time we do understand that armed forces from the U.S who are stationed in various global positions sometimes have no other mode of payment besides Western Union. We therefore accept this mode of payment but at the same time, request you to avoid this mode if you do not feel comfortable using it. Shipping is done through FEDEX and you can expect a production lead time of around 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. Every jewel is fully custom made and requires the complete attention and concentration of highly skilled craftsmen. When it comes to gems, we could provide faster lead times and this can be discussed for each specific order.

Buyer Testimonials.

Below are a few comments from some of our buyers. As mentioned above we have a very serious interest in buyer satisfaction since our very existence depends solely depends on satisfied buyers. A high degree of repeat orders and a large number of orders being received through buyer recommendations has been at the heart of our success. Kaisilver buyers include people from all professions and walks of life. Fashion models, sportsmen, politicians, lawyers, financial experts, doctors and surgeons, members of the armed forces, newsreaders and journalists, students, casino and resort owners make up most of our buyer list.

.......received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as a EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Beverly Hills, Florida
Thank you very much for all your information and help with the production and safe delivery of the ring. It is indeed more than I had hoped forand I'm sure will be a winner with my wife. It is a shame that other firms can not be as helpful, you are all to be congratulated - Thank you again. Mr.Peter Keeble, U.K.

The ring arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful job. I will be looking at your website over the next couple of weeks to place an additional order. Your workmanship and pricing is excellent.
Thanks again,
Dr. David Williams, U.S


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